An eco-responsible approach

Because an economical cartridge that prints well isn’t enough,

UPrint engages with you in an environmental approach.

Act for your planet!

Throw your used cartridges into specialized collection points, with UPrint it's easy!



To return an empty cartridge, nothing is easier:

Go to your nearest dealer and drop the empty cartridge! Or send us back your used cartridge free of charge thanks to the T envelope included in your UPRINT pack.


We manage the rest!

We guarantee that each returned cartridge will be treated according to the standards in force and will be the subject
of either a repackaging process where possible or a dismantling for material recovery.

Products for sustainable development

A range of remanufactured products

Whenever it is technically possible, UPRINT offers remanufactured ink cartridges and toners.

By collecting empty cartridges and repackaging them according to a rigorous quality process and strict standards,
these cartridges have a second life!



A range of high-performance products

Most of our products are high-performance products (XL cartridges and high-capacity toners)
which reduces the frequency of cartridge replacement and thus extends the product life cycle!

Think about sorting your packaging!



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