Alternative without compromise

Private or professional, Uprint is for you!

UPRINT was born in the Lyon region, from a simple idea:


provide you with an alternative solution to original ink cartridges and toners

to allow you to print anything you want without breaking the bank!


For 20 years, UPRINT has been committed to providing inkjet cartridges and generic laser cartridges that are as safe,
as effective and as close as possible to the original products, in order to respect everyone's habits:


No compromise on print quality
No compromise on the capacity: a capacity in ink or a number of printable pages at least identical
No compromises on services: product warranty, Customer Service

No compromise on use


Products equivalent to the original products and more!

And because our ambition is to go beyond the standards,


UPrint products are

guaranteed 3 years



They also bring you, when technically possible:

Ink capacity or number of printable pages greater than original cartridges and toners

Ecological products (a remanufactured and high-efficiency range)


An economic alternative without compromising on quality

Because we can have quality products and pay less,

UPrint generic ink cartridges and toners

are 30 to 40% cheaper than the original products!

For a cost on the page even cheaper

Think about packs and high yield cartridges and toners!


Multipacks (black and color) are more economical than single cartridges.


High yield cartridges and toners offer higher ink or toner content than standard products, allowing you to print more quotes, presentations, or photos at lower cost!

A very wide range

There is necessarily a compatible cartridge made for you!


The UPrint range largely covers the printer fleet on the market and is compatible with most printer brands:


Inkjet cartridges compatible with Canon *, HP *, Brother *, Epson *, Lexmark * printers


Laser cartridges compatible with Canon *, Brother *, Epson *, HP *, Lexmark *, Oki *, Kyocera *, Konica Minolta * printers

* All brands mentioned remain the property of their manufacturer and are cited for the sole purpose of identifying the products.



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