High quality Compatible
ink cartridges and toners !

A french brand of compatible printing supplies dedicated to home and office use !


UPrint was created 20 years ago for a unique idea : to bring you products equivalent to the guenine products to allow you to print in high qulity, at lower cost !

Compatible cartridges respecting manufacturers' patents and standards in force

3 years warranty

Manufacturer's warranty preserved
Dedicated hotline just for you, by phone or email
 Actions in favor of ecology and sustainable development

Discover the inkjet range

The ideal solution to print in high quality all your best photos, print reports and successful theses or archive all your administrative documents at a reduced price.

Demand the best!

Ink quantity the same as or better than the manufacturer brand ink cartridges
Display ink levels
Quality ink for long lasting prints
Excellent brightness: brilliant prints
3 years warranty


UPRINT compatible inkjet cartridges are ideally suited for Canon *, Brother *, Epson *, Hp * and Lexmark * inkjet printers.

Premium quality directly at your home

Discover the laser range

The ideal solution for professionals!

With UPRINT laser cartridges, you save on every quote, order, barcode or printed report, without compromising on quality!


  • High quality toner for long lasting prints
  • Same or higher efficiency than original laser cartridges
  • Display ink levels
  • Accuracy of renderings
  • Excellent density
  • 3 years warranty

UPRINT compatible toners are ideally suited for Canon *, Brother *, Epson *, Hp *, Lexmark *, Oki *, Kyocera *, Olivetti *, Konica Minolta *, Samsung * ... laser printers.

The obvious choice of performance


Inkjet cartridges and high-efficiency lasers


By opting for high-capacity XL inkjet cartridges or high-yield toners, you'll save money on every printed page, without sacrificing quality!


The size of these cartridges is just as good for your printer as the standard cartridges, but the ink and toner capacity is higher.

You will be able to print more pages at a lower cost!


And that's not all !


The choice of high efficiency also allows you to simplify your life and act for the environment by reducing the frequency of replacement of your cartridges!

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