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Inkjet cartridges 1 question

• Check that the cartridge being used is the correct one for your printer model.

• Check that the cartridge is inserted in the correct orientation.

Check that all protective elements which may impede insertion have been removed from the cartridge (protective caps or tabs).


There are two types of cartridge: “remanufactured” ink jet cartridges and compatible cartridges.
•   While compatible cartridges are different from genuine cartridges, they are specifically designed to fit into your printer.
Remanufactured cartridges are genuine cartridges which have been recycled and therefore have exactly the same dimensions as genuine cartridges.

Videos/Tutorials on installing the cartridges


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1) Open the printer cover

2) Remove the old cartridges

3) Unpack the new cartridges

4) Insert the new cartridges

5) Close the printer cover

Advice :

Please wait until the printer is ready before print anything

Print a demo page. If the result isn't good, please start to clean head printing.

Veuillez patienter ...